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I was born Robert Francis McMenomey

Img001.jpg (5593 bytes)My mother, Anna Frances McMenomey, died nine months later.   That's her picture on the left.  You can see that she preferred the name Ann to Anna.  Two years after she died, I was adopted by a fine couple named Collins. Just in the last few years, I’ve learned about my birthmother and a few things about her ancestors. With your help, I’d like to learn more. And I’ll make you a promise. If in doing this I can help you learn more about your ancestors, I’ll be happy to do it.

   My goal for this web site

I want to find the townland or part of a townland where my great great grandfather Owen McMenamin died and from which his family left Ireland for America.  I would like to see the area where he lived, visit the graveyard where he is buried and learn of any living relatives in Ireland, the United States, or elsewhere.  And even when I don't learn anything about my ancestors and relatives, I would like to help you find yours, whenever I can. 

McMenamin by any other name

A great number of variations stemmed from the name McMenamin.  When English colonizing or census officials or American immigration officials recorded the name they heard from an Irishman who had a thick brogue and often couldn't write,  many variations developed.  So names such as McMenomey, McMenemy, McMenamy, McMenomy, McMenomay, MacMenomay, McManemy, McManamay,  McMenomin, McManomon, McManmon, McManiman,  McManman, McMenamon, McMenimen, McMinniman all began as McMenamin!

So please visit my site

Lots of good stuff inside - in addition to my search information, there is a page on the history of the name McMenamin, a bulletin board to post your search story for other McMenamin types to see, a smattering of good links on Irish Genealogy, two pages on coats of arms, and even some Irish music.  Not many bells and whistles, just form follows function.  But whatever you may enjoy on this site, please look carefully at my search pages - I don't have any solid leads as yet to find my McMenamin's and McMenomey's - maybe you're the one who can help me.  For example, if you have among your ancestors from the late 1800's a brother and four sisters, John, Bridget, Ann, Mary and Susan, maybe we're related!  Or if you are descended from that John (McMenamin), born 26 June or July, 1846 near Killygordon, County Donegal and arrived in New York City on 12 April 1847 on the ship "Marion," maybe we're related too!  

Tar isteach, le d'thoil!

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Irish Quote - "Our Irish blunders are never blunders of the heart." - Maria Edgeworth (1767 - 1849)

Message from Webmaster - 11/20/10: My dear wife Lois became ill in 2007 and passed away peacefully last December.  During that time and until now, I haven't kept this website active.   I apologize for any emails I haven't answered or things you may have asked me to do that I didn't do.  Beginning now I promise to do better, answering all emails, keeping the site active, and hopefully improving it.  Bless you all.






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